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Here’s Why Sandwich Panelling is the Future of Caravan Construction
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Here’s Why Sandwich Panelling is the Future of Caravan Construction

Throughout the years, there have been all kinds of caravan building methods tried and tested. Some have stuck and some have been scrapped. As design technology evolves, caravans are becoming bigger, better and more cleverly designed which means there’s never been a better time to become a caravanner. Especially now that sandwich panelling, or composite construction as some people call it, is completely changing the game.

When purchasing a caravan, colour schemes and layouts are important, but it’s the stuff that the caravan is made of that will keep you safe, dictate how long your caravan lasts and pretty much make or break your experience of life on the road. With that being said, here’s why sandwich panelling is the future of caravanning:


One piece is better than three

Windsor Caravan in field

Composite construction allows for caravans to be built using one piece panelling which means that the front, back and the roof of the caravan are all one continuous panel. The result is a caravan that’s much stronger, much more stable and much less likely to spring a leak. When it comes to having a home that’s literally being driven around on wheels, the less moving parts, the better!


Stay cool in summer and keep toasty in winter

person sitting on couch with feet in the fridge to cool down

If you have experience with caravanning, you’ll know that there are options out there that all but turn into a greenhouse during the hot and humid days that we get so much of here in Australia. Composite construction offers the ultimate level of insulation meaning that you won’t be spending the summer nights tossing and turning in your sweaty sheets. By the same token, it also means that you’ll be able to keep warm during winter and won’t wake up shivering despite the fact that you’ve worn a scarf and two pairs of socks to bed! These same insulating properties also help to reduce noise, dampening sound coming in or out - bonus!


Turn towing into a breeze

Windsor caravan being towed by a ute in front of an old Silverton Hotel

Sandwich panelling is lightweight and much less heavy than its counterparts making your caravan much easier to tow. More than that, because composite construction is so strong and rigid, your caravan doesn’t need to be built on an incredibly heavy chassis. In fact, a lot of caravans with sandwich panelling are built on a lighter c-section chassis. Long gone are the days of spending exorbitant amounts of money on fuel and driving 30 km/hr below the speed limit.


No need to worry about expensive leaks

cracked board from leak

Composite construction caravans have a fraction of the seams and joins that other caravans have. During construction, when it comes to things like windows and aircon units, you can simply cut the correct shape out of the sandwich panel and glue the window or the unit in without having to deal with frames or timber. This creates much less friction and means there’s much less of a possibility of a crack appearing. And, if you do happen to get a leak (because let’s be honest, sometimes life just happens) the leak will be much easier to repair because in most cases all you need is a bit of silicone. Also, any water that does make its way inside can be easily dried out instead of being absorbed into the frame and causing rotting.


Durability that can’t be beaten

Despite being super lightweight, sandwich panelling is the most durable construction method available on the market today. Your caravan will be capable of taking a serious beating without so much as a dent. This level of durability offers much more protection in the case of severe weather events, accidents and general wear and tear. In the event of damage to the composite panels on your Windsor, the fibreglass panel can easily and cheaply be repaired by any local fibreglass repairer around the country. 


At Windsor, all of our caravans and motorhomes are built using composite construction which offers our customers the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to purchasing their home on wheels. If you want your life on the road to be filled with comfort, convenience and the best protection you can get, check out our range today! 

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